Canadian LED Lighting Company

BETTER Choices

    • Product Series.  As a leading innovator of LED technology, Canadian LED Lighting Company® has developed a range of LED products for domestic and commercial applications.  Our products are classified into three main categories, Professional, Smart, and Economy series.  Each series has its own features designed to meet every need of the consumers and professionals.


    • Professional Series. For commercial and high-end interior applications, the Professional Series by Canadian LED Lighting delivers high quality and comfortable light source. This series possess the advantages of powerful lighting performance, perfect optical design, and excellent color rendering. Having a similar profile as traditional halogen lamps, this series is designed for maximum durability and value over lifetime.


    • Smart Series.  This series is a value-added option for discerning consumers looking for high quality lighting at affordable prices. Featuring super light output with high efficiency and performance, the Smart Series is an ideal replacement for traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. The benefits of energy savings up to 89% and longer lamp life add to its appeal for smart consumers.


  • Economy Series.  The most economical option from Canadian LED Lighting is an entry-level LED solution to replace halogen, incandescent and CFL lamps. It’s 15,000-25,000 hours of rated lamp life and high energy- savings are simply the best advantages over traditional lighting products. With good quality guaranteed, it is the ultimate no-frill option for every consumer with budget concerned.